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Safaricom's Mledger app, a life-saver

Safaricom's Mledger app, a life-saver

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Ndagi Stanley
·Oct 12, 2017·

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Update: Mledger is no longer active!

If you are using Mpesa then Mledger is an app that you definitely need. It packs a punch: Mpesa transactions history, reports, Mpesa cost calculator etc.

Recently I was using the SGR (Standard Gauge Railway) or as others out it: Madaraka Express. I had paid by MPesa (Thanks SGR folks for this convenience)

Aside: The SGR booking process is simple:

  • Call any of these numbers: 0709907000, 0728603581/2. They are usually busy so try again and again until you get through.
  • Ask about the seat availability for your trip, give your name, ID number and Phone number. They'll tell you the amount and,
  • From then on it's automated: you get a message with the Lipa na Mpesa details. You pay, receive a confirmatory message with ticket details and that's it; you are done.
  • Now you'll just have to go to the SGR terminal/ station an hour before time (for check-in), print your ticket at the Ticket ATM and you are well on your way.

I formatted my phone just the night before travelling.

I was oblivious of the fact that I will need the ticket message and ay, you know I had that mindset that definitely the SGR system has my records. Guess what were it not for the app, where I retrieved my records, I would not have had the ride. Long story short, the system is "semi-automated" and MLedger saved the day. In other words, saying, I've got your back!

So that's just one use-case, what about the Cost Calculator that allows you to know the tariffs for sending and withdrawing currency and the claimed Bank USSD code search - I can't get to this feature for some reason. Well, there you have it.

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