1. #DIY your web presence (Start here)

1. #DIY your web presence (Start here)


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DIY | Do It Yourself

Have a website like techkenyans.org and a blog like this one for personal branding, business, your calling, bragging rights... or whatever floats your boat ๐Ÿ˜


I'm glad you asked. It can be argued that knowing how to build a website or at least having one, beyond just having a social media account, is one good show of your tech-savviness. Plus it is relevant knowledge. I remember how rewarding it was to say I have my own home in the WWW (World Wide Web) on the internet. Hopefully, through this post, I'll see you through to having your own.

What will we do together?


  • Register a free domain like stanmd.tk
  • Upload an index file to the domain


Standing on the shoulders of giants

We will be leveraging the following services: (Their taglines are in italics)

  • Freenom - A name for everyone
  • Netlify - The fastest way to build the fastest sites
  • Hashnode's devblog - Own your canonical, developers!

Do not feel intimidated with the name developers. Some people say that coding is becoming a literacy in the 21st century. With the number of coding boot-camps, even for teens and kids; I wouldn't argue with them.

However, I am not about to tell you, 'Hey, become a developer. A software engineer!' This is an attempt to break down boulders to fine grain. To pull down the perceived barrier of entry to aspects of technology that could be relevant to you. That's what TK is all about. So let's get to it.


  • Set up versioning for your blog

This will be a simplistic approach to VC (Version Control) where we'll use git and GitHub.

The series

I have opted to make this a series, the DIY your web presence series, in order to break these steps down. Chances are you're reading this as the writing is in progress so feel free to follow TechKenyans on Twitter for updates or old-school RSS feed here.

Use the comments section below to share your thoughts, feedback and questions. If you have ideas of content you might want to read, hear or watch about? Feel free to reach out. Hopefully, you have a Hashnode account. If not, DM (Direct Message) me on twitter, email, messenger, telegram (however you may want to reach me)

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